Traveling To Mexico

Traveling Across The Border

Days of admissions are Sundays. Unless individual arrangements have been made with the admissions office. Please make arrangements to travel to San Diego, California. An Oasis of Hope representative will greet you at the airport, load your luggage, and drive you to the hospital.

If you are driving or taking the train, we can also meet you at a specified location. We would only need you to confirm your arrival time and place with the admissions office 24 – 48 hours before arrival. Our health advisors can assist in scheduling your air or train travel, and/ or driving directions.

Please inform your health care advisor of your flight arrangements or arrival time before your day of travel to ensure that our shuttle driver is there to pick you up and bring you to Oasis of Hope.

Airport Pick-u:

The Oasis of Hope provides door-to-door service from the San Diego Airport to Oasis of Hope at no charge for patients and their companions who have made admissions arrangements for treatment. Please advise your health advisor at the admissions department if the patient will be needing assistance other than wheelchair access.*

Airport Shuttle pick-up hours: 12 PM / 2 PM / 4 PM / 6 PM. Please try and arrange your flight to arrive at least 1 hour before pick up hours.

Our driver will be in the baggage claim area ready to meet you. He will have a sign with your name and the Oasis of Hope logo. He will help you with your bags and take you directly to the hospital. It is a short thirty-minute drive from the airport to the Oasis of Hope.

If your flight is delayed or you cannot find our driver, please contact the following numbers:

  • 619-371-0885
  • 619-371-0891

Inform the drivers of your location or the new flight # and time of arrival. Thank you!

*Patients that need the support of an ambulance must call the admissions office at 1-888-500-HOPE and we will recommend an international ambulance company. The Oasis of Hope does not provide ambulance service and any expense incurred for ambulance services is the responsibility of the patient.

Driving Directions:

Take HIGHWAY 5 south all the way to the INTERNATIONAL BORDER. When you cross the border you want to be in the FIRST LANE FROM THE RIGHT.

All of the lanes will split off from one another and go in different directions.

The lane you are in will have a SIGN, that says “ENSENADA ROSARITO SCENIC ROAD” you want to make sure that you follow this sign. Making a right turn towards the scenic road to PLAYAS DE TIJUANA.

You are now headed WEST alongside the border fence.

You will drive for a couple of miles making your way up to the top of a big hill. At the top of the hill the road will curve to the left and head downhill. Towards the bottom of the road will split to the RIGHT, again, the SIGN will say ROSARITO, ENSENADA AND PLAYAS.

Take this split to the right and follow it until you come to the exit PLAYAS DE TIJUANA. From the split to the exit is about 1 mile.

Take the exit straight down into PLAYAS and go to the SECOND STOP LIGHT.

The HOSPITAL will be on your LEFT and the BULLRING by the sea will be on your right. The hospital is a FOUR STORY, PEACH STUCCO, AND GLASS BUILDING.

Passport Information:

All US citizens are required to travel abroad with a valid US passport or US Passport Card. You and your companion will need a passport to enter Mexico.

If you do not have a passport, click on this site for information on how to get a passport or passport card:

Some agencies on the Internet offer a shorter delivery time for an additional charge: Here is an example:

What Makes Oasis Medical Institute Unique?

At Oasis Medical Institute, our facility and staff are more than just a hospital or clinic, we are a family of survivors, providers, and advocates on a mission of healing and empowerment for patients and their families who have impacted by Lyme Disease, cancer, environmental disease, and other chronic illnesses. As Lyme Disease and tick-borne illness is a complicated multi-systemic disease, we know that receiving treatment can be scary, to say the least, which is why the Oasis Family is committed to supporting and empowering you through every step of this journey to healing starting today.

Through active collaboration with ILADS and other associations, regional self-help groups, and patient organizations, the Oasis Medical Institute educates patients, providers, and medical organizations on living with chronic disease and how to adapt to a wellness lifestyle to promote longevity and regain your health. At Oasis, our philosophy is simple: We believe in a clinic and a natural approach to wellness based on the belief that good health is about much more than the absence of illness. We combined alternative treatments and advanced research-based medicine to empower our patients with the necessary tools to achieve maximum wellness.

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Patient Testimonials

The greatest testimony to the benefits and results of our treatment at Oasis Medical Institute comes from the inspiring stories told by actual patients and their families. Don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to watch these amazing stories and know that we are always ready and eager to make a difference in your life or the life of a loved one who may be dealing with tick-borne Illness.

Oasis of hope breast cancer treatment testimonial
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At Oasis Medical Institute, we believe one of the best ways to learn about our treatments, and what truly makes our approach to integrative medicine different, is to listen to the experiences of our patients to treat the person and not the diagnosis.

Oasis of hope colon cancer treatment testimonial
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Oasis of hope breast cancer treatment testiomnial
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